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China Pictures is a free picture site including pictures of China's major cities and tourist attractions as well as pictures of Chinese people and their daily life. You will find not only pictures of the famous Great Wall of China, the forbidden City and the Terracotta Warriors, but also those from the unbeaten path as far as Guizhou, Xinjiang, Tibet and other places.

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Hong Kong

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Great Wall
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Shaolin Temple

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A picture speaks much louder than a thousand words. Get to know China - the ancient and mysterious land with its enchanting history, profound culture and hospitable people.
China Topic ( 209 pictures )
Rapturous with his favorite food - bamboo.Inscription of Lixue Ting (Lixue Pavilion), Shaolin Temple
The inscription here, carved on a huge rock on the beach at Sanya 'Hai Jiao' means 'Rim of the Sea'
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Chinese People ( 124 pictures )
Lovely minority children in YunnanMartial arts trainingNap time for tiny villager, Qinghai
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Transportation ( 142 pictures )
The famous Nanjing Lu [Nanjing Road] in Shanghai is best viewed from this colorful 'road train'. A way to do your shopping in style!
Azure blue skies welcome new arrivals at Lhasa Airport as proof that they have reached the city at the roof of the world.A sampan is the favored means of transport for these people who live alongside the Three Small Gorges.
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Chinese Festivals ( 53 pictures )
Chinese New Year is the time of special celebration and joy.A lantern maker busy preparing the lanterns.Drum performance team
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Mountains and Rivers ( 230 pictures )
People are all attracted by the pavonine water.In virtue of the cleek, boatmen are making the boat go against the stream!Multi-coloured Lake hides in the Zhawa Valley,like a far-between jewellery in the forest.
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China City Photos ( 1198 pictures )
Red buildings with up-turned eaves,smart passenger boat and the deep green water compose an attracting picture.Verdant grasslands accompanied with upright coconut palm trees - a picture of tropic landscape in Sanya.

Pilgrims circumambulating around Namtso Lake, embodiment of religious devotion
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