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China Pictures is a free picture site including pictures of China's major cities and tourist attractions as well as pictures of Chinese people and their daily life. You will find not only pictures of the famous Great Wall of China, the forbidden City and the Terracotta Warriors, but also those from the unbeaten path as far as Guizhou, Xinjiang, Tibet and other places.

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A picture speaks much louder than a thousand words. Get to know China - the ancient and mysterious land with its enchanting history, profound culture and hospitable people.
China Topic ( 209 pictures )
Practicing calligraphy with water on walkways and courtyards is popular and environmentally friendly.Hanshan Temple holds a wonderful collection of calligraphy. The writings are equally important  for their decorative effect as they are for what they can tell those who are fortunate enough to be able to read them.Moon cakes, a special food for Chinese Mid-Autumn Day, have fillings that include ham, sugar, sesame, walnut, lotus seed paste, and salty egg yolk.
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Chinese People ( 124 pictures )
Village students class in YulinBride and groom walk to the hall where their wedding ceremony will be held.These childern are students in a small school which has only one classroom and 14 students in a northern Chinese village.
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Transportation ( 142 pictures )
The waiting room of the Beijing Western Station often seems busy but passengers are soon underway to their destinations.
The customs hall officials are smart and efficient and take pride in assisting travelers while ensuring that the appropriate regulations are enforced fairly and with dignity.Ancient and Modern! A passenger bus passes in front of the Tiananmen Tower at the entrance to the Forbidden City in Beijing.
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Chinese Festivals ( 53 pictures )
The mooncake is the food for the Moon Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival) when the Chinese, together with  their family members, eat cakes with  the full moon in the sky.The Lantern Festival in 2003 fell in the same period with the annual Ice Festival in Harbin.Drum performance is held on the Chinese New Year's Day.
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Mountains and Rivers ( 230 pictures )
You can only wonder how this magnificent rock ended up here. Did it fly in from the sky?Many of the stone pinnacles are associated with legends, Yunnan Stone Forest.You may encounter some of the many ethnic women doing needlework in Stone Forest.
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China City Photos ( 1198 pictures )
The Wall snakes along the mountain range in deep winter.Befitting its mythical feminine origins, the turquoise blue lake was endowed with indescribable scenic beautyChariot horses
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