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China Pictures is a free picture site including pictures of China's major cities and tourist attractions as well as pictures of Chinese people and their daily life. You will find not only pictures of the famous Great Wall of China, the forbidden City and the Terracotta Warriors, but also those from the unbeaten path as far as Guizhou, Xinjiang, Tibet and other places.

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Hong Kong

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West Lake
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Huanglong Valley
Jiuzhaigou Valley
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Yangtze River
Temple of Heaven
Tiananmen Square
Forbidden City
Great Wall
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Leshan Giant Buddha
Shaolin Temple

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A picture speaks much louder than a thousand words. Get to know China - the ancient and mysterious land with its enchanting history, profound culture and hospitable people.
China Topic ( 209 pictures )
Implement for sorting and processing teaGood to the last slurp!Fine dining is enriched with ancient decor of tiles, relief painting, and red knot.
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Chinese People ( 124 pictures )
Miao girls in Langde Village, GuizhouVisitors can dress up in wedding finery for commemorative photos.Terra cotta procession reproduce the ancient weding ceremony
| Beautiful Women | Chinese Children | Chinese Wedding | Education in China |

Transportation ( 141 pictures )
Drivers stop for a break on the journey from Chaka to Golmud, Qinhai.The modern trains have a sleek and streamlined look that holds the promise of a speedy and efficient service.As one of the transportation hubs of northern China, tens of thousands of people pass in and out Beijing Railway Station every day.
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Chinese Festivals ( 53 pictures )
Traditional Chinese red lanternsChristmas jubilation in China is also wonderful.In China, each family will buy traditional Chinese red lanterns and hang them on their doors.
| Chinese New Year | Chinese Lantern Festival | Chinese Moon Festival | Dragon Boat Festival | Other Holidays in China |

Mountains and Rivers ( 230 pictures )
Mt.Huangshan has become one of China's most popular tourist destinations. It attracts many tourists from both home and abroad with its unique natural views.The common ground of all lakes is the special and unique 'blue' which can't be foud in other places, and we couldn't find a word to describe it concretely.The river water was turbid and rushing before the damming.
| Huanglong Valley | Huangshan | Jiuzhaigou Valley | Mount Emei | Mount Everest | Stone Forest | West Lake | Yangtze River |

China City Photos ( 1198 pictures )
Yamdrok Yutso, also known as Yamdro-tso, is regarded as one of the three most holy of the Tibetan Lakes.Buddha delivers all living creatures from torment.Harmonious Interests Garden, Summer Palace
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