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  Hong KongA small street eatery in Mong Kok.
( 42 pictures )
Hong Kong, the pearl of the orient, is one of the four dragons in Asia, hugging commercial guests and travelers.
  KunmingDifferent style in foreign exhibition garden.
( 30 pictures )
Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, is the the centre of politics, economics and culture in Yunnan.
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  Leshan Giant BuddhaFrom this angle, we can observe the buddha's face clearly. The color is still fresh after more than one thousand years!
( 6 pictures )
Giant Buddha carved into a cliff face is qualified as the largest buddha in the world with the one at Bamian, Afghanistan, as the second.
  LhasaWe see a distant view of Portola Palace from Jokhang Temple.
( 54 pictures )
Lhasa, "Land of the Gods" or "Holy Place" in Tibetan, is noted for being one of the highest cities in the world.
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  MacauStreets like these in Macau are well maintained and free of traffic congestion.
( 14 pictures )
Macau, ever being a famous casino place, now is a new economic zone and tourism place appealing so many investors and tourists.
  Museum of Terracotta WarriorsRammed earth walls form chambers, Pit Three
( 94 pictures )
A massive clay army guarding the mausoleum of Chinese First Emperor Qin Shi Huang, gives insight into the history of both Chinese art and war tactics.
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  NanjingZhonghua Gate is one of the thirteen ancient gates in Nanjing with complicated structures.
( 12 pictures )
As one of the four oldest cities in China, Nanjing boasts its dainty and exquisite sceneries and buildings.
  NingboTianyi Pavilion is the oldest lection collection pavilion in China.
( 5 pictures )
As a noted historical and cultural city in South China, Ningbo is a complex of old traditions and modern development.
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  SanyaThatched canopies and sun-loungers line the beach for the comfort of  visitors to this idyllic resort.
( 21 pictures )
Sanya, a promising international tropic tourism seaside.
  Shanghai'Garden Bridge' across on the intersection of Suzhou River and Huangpu River has become one of the symbolic architectures in Shanghai
( 46 pictures )
Shanghai is endowed with rich tourist attractions related to both its long history and rapid development
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  Shaolin TempleSituated about 300 meters to the west of the Shaolin Temple is the Pagoda forest, in which over 240 pagodas in different styles erected from the Tang, Song, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties.
( 12 pictures )
Shaolin Temple, the famous Buddhist temple in the world, is the cradle of Shaolin martial art.
  ShenzhenThe Great Pyramid and the Sphinx number among the wonders of the ancient world. Here at Window of the World the replicas bear the marks of time and look every bit as enigmatic as the originals.
( 6 pictures )
Shenzhen a small fishing village in the past has become one of the five Special Economic Zones in China.
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Total 35 Categories
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