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  Hong KongHennessy Road, one of the busiest streets in Hong Kong.
( 42 pictures )
Hong Kong, the pearl of the orient, is one of the four dragons in Asia, hugging commercial guests and travelers.
  KunmingA Chinese traditional god statue
( 30 pictures )
Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, is the the centre of politics, economics and culture in Yunnan.
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  Leshan Giant Buddha
( 6 pictures )
Giant Buddha carved into a cliff face is qualified as the largest buddha in the world with the one at Bamian, Afghanistan, as the second.
  LhasaYou see a magnificent white stupa at the Portola Palace.
( 54 pictures )
Lhasa, "Land of the Gods" or "Holy Place" in Tibetan, is noted for being one of the highest cities in the world.
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  MacauAnother view of the ruins at St Paul's.
( 14 pictures )
Macau, ever being a famous casino place, now is a new economic zone and tourism place appealing so many investors and tourists.
  Museum of Terracotta WarriorsTerra cotta fragments
( 94 pictures )
A massive clay army guarding the mausoleum of Chinese First Emperor Qin Shi Huang, gives insight into the history of both Chinese art and war tactics.
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  NanjingThe sceneries in Yuhuatai Martyrs Memorial Park is sublime but not restrained.
( 12 pictures )
As one of the four oldest cities in China, Nanjing boasts its dainty and exquisite sceneries and buildings.
  NingboPyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt
( 5 pictures )
As a noted historical and cultural city in South China, Ningbo is a complex of old traditions and modern development.
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  SanyaWhether you want to swim, paddle in the waves, take a boat trip or to sit in the sun  and watch everyone else, this is an ideal  spot for your day out.
( 21 pictures )
Sanya, a promising international tropic tourism seaside.
  ShanghaiBund Sightseeing Tunnel truly shows the modernity of Shanghai
( 46 pictures )
Shanghai is endowed with rich tourist attractions related to both its long history and rapid development
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  Shaolin TempleThe Lixue Pavilion contains images of Dharma, the founder of Mahayana Buddhism in China, and his disciples.
( 12 pictures )
Shaolin Temple, the famous Buddhist temple in the world, is the cradle of Shaolin martial art.
  ShenzhenWhen Napoleon Bonaparte was Emperor of France he immortalized his victories by building huge memorials. This replica of the Arc de Triumph has a far more peaceful setting than its counter-part standing amidst the traffic of central Paris.
( 6 pictures )
Shenzhen a small fishing village in the past has become one of the five Special Economic Zones in China.
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Total 35 Categories
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