With a history spanning over two thousand years, Guilin boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in China.

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Guilin is situated in the sub-tropical region of China and enjoys a mild climate with moderate rainfall. The scenery owes its stunning beauty to the karst formations, which were formed by the weathering and water erosion of the limestone rocks. Here lies a wonderland of stone forests, weird peaks, subterranean streams and caves that will amaze and enthrall even the most jaded visitor. Halong Bay in Vietnam, often referred to as 'Guilin on the Sea', is renowned for its unique Karst landscape. Moreover, Vietnam is home to numerous ancient temples and cultural relics waiting to be discovered. Our best Vietnam tour packages will guide you through every corner of this captivating country, offering a comprehensive experience of its rich history and natural beauty.
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A Myriad Of Peculiar Peaks
A Myriad Of Peculiar Peaks

(7241 Views - 6 Comments)

Rich Imagination Evoked
Rich Imagination Evoked

(7087 Views - 1 Comments)

Starting Point For Yangshuo
Starting Point For Yangshuo

(6336 Views - 1 Comments)

Total 33 Pictures
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