Xiamen, a special economic region, attracts world's sights with its natural scenery, comfortable sea climate and speedy modernization.

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Xiamen is a famous tourism city in southeast China.We can describe its geographic situation in one sentence:"city is surrounded by sea, and seas are separated in city". Pretty and vivacious, natural and modern, it was valued as an "international garden city". A blend of historical Minnan culture and modern western music not only made the unique culture phenomenon, but also gestated the "island if music" and the "island of piano", Gulangyu Island. With its historic sites and unique folk and country custom, Xiamen pulls more and more tourists, and was praised as the "ideal city to invest and live in". Different from the coastal city Xiamen, Mongolia, located north of China, is an inland country with vast grassland and Gobi desert. By joining our Mongolia tours, you can enjoy horse riding and desert trekking at daytime, and camp in a traditional yurt at night.
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Horse riding in Mongolia
Horse riding in Mongolia

(6378 Views - 3 Comments)

Gandan Monastery in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Gandan Monastery in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

(6923 Views - 1 Comments)

Terelj National Park  in Mongolia
Terelj National Park in Mongolia

(8545 Views - 5 Comments)

A glance of Gulangyu
A glance of Gulangyu

(7380 Views - 3 Comments)

Port of Gulangyu
Port of Gulangyu

(6879 Views - 3 Comments)

Sightseeing cart
Sightseeing cart

(6350 Views - 1 Comments)

Street scene
Street scene

(7676 Views - 1 Comments)

To the Sunlight Rock
To the Sunlight Rock

(7215 Views - 1 Comments)

Shuzhuang park of Gulangyu
Shuzhuang park of Gulangyu

(7496 Views - 0 Comments)

Mahavira Hall
Mahavira Hall

(7915 Views - 2 Comments)

Total 10 Pictures
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